Headmaster announces resignation (effective at the end of Term 2, 2015).  For further details please click here

As we approach the end of term there are several issues that need to be drawn to your attention:

1. Year 9 & 10 Electives – Thursday 27 Nov/Friday 28 Nov

All boys should have paid for their selected electives and permission slips need to be returned to the teacher in charge of the activity by Wednesday 26 November (at the latest) so that final lists can be prepared.  Please note that all school subject fees must be paid before students can take part in off-site Electives.

2. Parihaka Run – Tuesday 2 December

The annual Parihaka run will take place on Tuesday 2 December.  At 11am students will be escorted to Mair Park when a roll check will take place prior to race start and also when they finish their race.  

11.30am – Year 9 run starts                                    11.45am – Year 10 run starts     1.00pm – final roll check and return to school escorted.

3. Junior Prizegiving – Friday 5 December

A reminder that the Junior Prizegiving will be held on Friday 5 December at 10.30am in the school hall.  Please be seated by 10.15am. This prizegiving is shorter than the Senior Prizegiving, and normally takes about an hour and a half, so should finish by midday. 

4. Reports

Junior reports will be issued after prizegiving on Friday 5 December.
Please note end of year reports will not be posted out.  You will need to supply a stamped addressed envelope if you wish your son’s report to be posted to you.


Over the 133 years of its existence, Whangarei Boys' High School has established itself as a top-flight place of learning for day boys and boarders.  It has earned its reputation from the thousands of young men it has nurtured - young men who have contributed to its great traditions.

Whangarei Boys' High School numbers among its Old Boys a very high proportion who have been successful in politics, in business, in the professions, in sport and culture - in all walks of life.  We are proud of the achievements of these high fliers but our school is more than a well-directed environment for a gifted few.  It is the aim of our school to give every boy a genuine opportunity to excel in his own way; to instil the courage, self confidence, discipline and leadership we all require to tackle life in a positive and constructive manner.  In the classrooms, on the stage, on the playing fields, and in all our activities we aim to build a sense of self worth and fulfilment of potential based on knowledge, teamwork and respect.  The intellectual development of our boys is vitally important but their personal growth and development is of equal importance.

The school has always maintained a basic thrust for excellence and for the values expressed above and the 2011 E.R.O report confirms this.  We take pride in our uniform, our Prefects and Senior Leadership programme, our Gateway programmes, our Foundation Literacy and Numeracy Support classes, our mentoring programme, our Restorative Practice initiatives, as well as our academic, sporting and cultural successes.  Changing circumstances often call for changing approaches and it is pleasing to note that Whangarei Boys' High School is flexible and has continued to meet the needs of our times.  In its buildings, its equipment and its methods, the school is modern and is fitting its young men to confront the challenges and the growing technology of the workplace. Its innovative Academy Programme (e.g. Aviation Academy, Golf Academy) as well as our successful Trades Academies are indicative of our preparedness to look at new ideas and initiatives. 

If you would like to enrol your son in Whangarei Boys' High School (either as a day boy or a boarder) this prospectus will give you some idea of the opportunities available at the school.  If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to call us and ask.  Our phone number is (09) 430 4170; our fax is (09) 430 4172; our email address is a.kirk@wbhs.school.nz and our website is www.wbhs.school.nz

A F Kirk

January 2014