Whangarei Boys High School

Whangarei Boys High School

Handy hints guide

Handy Hints Guide

Print out the PDF and keep in a safe place for ease of reference.

Website:  www.wbhs.school.nz  – Please check this regularly for Notices, Newsletters and information. The Kamar portal (Student Information Management System) can be accessed through the website. Use this to check your son’s attendance, progress etc. Please contact the Office if you require assistance.

Important Phone Numbers

Student Centre: Direct dial 430 4176 or 430 4170 ext. 724 (Mrs Jacqui Grierson (Monday & Tuesday), j.grierson@wbhs.school.nz;

Mrs Joy Barnes (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday),  j.barnes@wbhs.school.nz ;

Absences, messages for your son etc.  Please leave a message on the voice mail as these are cleared regularly.

Main Office: 430 4170 General /Account enquiries (Mrs Raewyn Cannons) r.cannons@wbhs.school.nz

Enrolment Officer: 430 4170 ext 742 (Mrs Maeve Waggott) m.waggott@wbhs.school.nz  for any enrolment enquiries

Sick Bay: 430 4170 ext 807 Registered Youth Health Nurse (Mrs Jo Christensen), j.christensen@wbhs.school.nz

Attendance Officer: 430 4170 ext 768 (Mr John Gough) j.gough@wbhs.school.nz

The School Day 

Whānau: 8:45 – 9:00

Period 1: 9:00 – 10:00

Period 2: 10:00 – 11:00

Interval: 11:00 – 11:30

Period 3: 11:30 – 12:30

Period 4: 12:30 – 1:30

Lunch: 1:30 – 2:10

Period 5: 2:10 – 3:10

Whānau Class

During whānau time information is relayed from the Daily Notices. School diaries are checked and important dates given. Students are encouraged to approach their Whānau teacher in the first instance if they have any concerns.


Please refer to the Prospectus for the correct school uniform. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) sells second hand uniform in good condition and the person to contact is Denise Limby by texting 021 213 2568.

Your son Must have a Pass issued by the Student Centre for not wearing the correct uniform. This will Only be given for valid reasons and Must be supported by a note from his parent/caregiver.

Late to School

If your son arrives during Whānau time he should go straight to his Whānau class and explain why he is late to his Whānau teacher. If your son arrives after Period 1 has commenced he Must go to the Student Centre to receive a Late Pass before going to class.

His Whanau teacher will contact you for an explanation if your son does not bring a note to school explaining why he is/was late.

Medical / Dental appointments

Whilst it is in the best interests of your son’s eduction to arrange medical or dental appointments outside school hours, we understand this may not always happen. If your son has to attend an appointment during the school day, please issue him with a note to take to the Student Centre. A Pass will be prepared for him to collect at either interval or lunch. This pass will allow him to leave class at the allotted time.  He is then required to report back to the Student Centre on his return.


If your son is too ill to attend school you will need to ring in and report his absence to the Student Centre ext. 724. Please follow this up with a written note on his return. Texts and emails are automatically sent out at 10:30 every morning which will alert you if your son is not at schoo.

Change of Address or Circumstances

Please advise the Enrolment Officer if your family circumstances change, if you move house, change jobs or change your email address. This will ensure we have up to date details in case of an emergency.


The Canteen serves a wide range of healthy snacks at very reasonable prices and opens at 7.30 each morning. Lunches may be ordered in advance.

Taking your son out of class

If you are aware in advance that your son will need to leave school early, please furnish him with a note to take to the Student Centre in order for him to get a PASS.

Whilst we try to accommodate every request, please note that it is not always possible, particularly at short notice to find your son. As we do not have an inter-communication system operating between the office and the classrooms, it could mean that a staff member has to go and find him. Generally, once 2.50 pm arrives it is virtually impossible to do this as staff are at their busiest towards the end of the day. A phone in the Student Centre is available for students to make local calls.

Calls to cellphones cost 50c.

Bus Enquiries

On the first day of the school year all new students who travel on school buses receive bus information. The bus controller is Mr Matt Hudson who may be contacted on 430 4170, or by text to 022 160 3296 or by email to m.hudson@wbhs.school.nz

Sick Bay

Our Sick Bay operates from the Student Support Centre (Te Awatea) and Mrs Jo Christensen is our Registered Youth Health Nurse. She is able to provide both acute and routine nursing scope services. Regular medication should be supplied from home. If your son feels unwell during the day he may visit the Sick Bay once he has obtained permission from his teacher. You will be contacted to collect him if he is not able to return to class. We have a Physiotherapy Clinic and a visiting Doctor. Mrs Christensen will be happy to arrange an appointment for your son.

Guidance Counsellor

Boys may visit the Guidance Counsellor(Mr Karl Burns)by making an appointment with the Receptionist at Te Awatea.

Social Worker

The school has a full time Social Worker (Susan da Silva) who is available to work with Whānau and students to meet their needs both within and outside of the school environment.

Payment of Accounts

We endeavour to send out accounts within the first week of each month. Payment instructions are noted on the statements. If your son is taking the payment to the Main Office, please ensure it is in a sealed envelope with his name on the outside and what you are paying for.


We have an Eftpos machine in the main office and this may be used for payment of accounts or trips etc. We do not give out Cash on Eftpos Cards.

Behaviour Management

The school is a Restorative Practice organisation. A range of consequences may be enacted for behavioural issues depending on their level of seriousness. Minor issues will usually be dealt with by the general teaching staff. On occasion students may be required to carry out Community Service after school hours.  Parents will be advised in advance when that is required. For very serious incidents your son may be given a Stand Down, meaning he would be sent home (you will be contacted to collect him) for up to 5 days a term or a maximum of 10 days per year. Once this has been exceeded (or for very serious offences) he could be suspended to the Board of Trustees.

Leaving School

If your son wishes to transfer to a new school or leave to start a training course or apprenticeship he must complete a clearance form. This is signed off by the Main Office (to check fees), the Library (to check overdue Library / Text books), his Dean and all his teachers. Once completed, he should return the form to the Main Office. His name can then be removed from the roll. If he is not enrolling at a new school he will be issued with a Leaving Certificate (providing fees are paid and all books returned). If your son is under 16 you must apply for an exemption for him from the Ministry of Education.

BYOD (Bring your own Device)

Parents will be aware that WBHS is a fully wi-fi capable campus, with ultra fast broadband throughout. Boys are encouraged to bring their own “device” to school – and can use thiese devices at the teacher’s discretion during class time. If the devices are used at times other than when directed by the teacher, they will be confiscated.

Confiscation of Items

If your son has items confiscated e.g. incorrect uniform, these will be given to the Principal. Your son will need to call to the Principal’s office on the following Friday at the end of the school day to have the item returned.


The Library is situated at the heart of the school off the main quad and is managed by Mrs Dee Brooker. Opening hours are 8:00am to 3:30pm. There are 10,000 print books, over 150 e-books and a large collection of Graphic Novels.  Library promotions are run every term.

Your son may borrow three books at any one time. If a book is not returned or has been lost you will receive an account for the replacement cost.

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The PTA meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Staffroom. New members are always welcome.

Kōtuku ki te Rangi (Māori Parent Hui)

The Māori Parent Hui meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5.30pm in the Staffroom. It provides a forum for parents of our Māori students to meet and discuss matters which impact on improving educational outcomes. Those interested in attending should contact Willie Cooper (HoD Māori) email w.cooper@wbhs.school.nz