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Whangarei Boys High School

Methamphetamine (P) Awareness Presentation


Methamphetamine (P) Awareness Education Presentation



Dale Kirk the managing director of Methcon Group Ltd , which is a specialist Methamphetamine (‘P’) awareness education and training company www.methcon.co.nz has made himself available to our school. He will facilitate a presentation on Wednesday 10th May at WBHS 7pm in the school Library,  a seminar that focuses on educating parents and teenagers about the horrendous health aspects surrounding the use and manufacture of methamphetamine.


An ex- police NZ Drug squad detective, Dale recognises that too much focus is placed in New Zealand on reducing the supply of the drug as opposed to reducing demand for Methamphetamine through good quality education. Dale’s presentation will inform parents and teenagers about the horrific health aspects surrounding the use and manufacture of methamphetamine. The presentations are a combination of presenter dialogue, video clips and written information. Although the presentation is unashamedly hard hitting, there is a liberal use of humour and personal experiences that ensures plenty of interaction and questions from the audience.


Please come along and bring your sons to the school library on Wed 10th May to hear first hand, information that will arm you with the facts about an ongoing epidemic that is crippling society, and give you a better perspective about what we can do collectively through quality education.


A light supper will be provided during Q and A time. Please feel free to contact Davina Cooper HoD Health 09 430 4170 ext 731 if there are any concerns or queries.