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WBHS Hockey

Northland Hockey has announced the inclusion of our WBHS 1st XI hockey team in the Premier Men’s Competition for the 2017 season.

This is another great sporting achievement for the school,as we have never competed in the Northland Premier Mens Competition before.

This is especially pleasing for our school .hockey players who can play for WBHS in the Premier Competition.

It will be a challenging first season but I am sure the team will compete very well.

Congratulations to our 2016 NCEA Star Pupils

Whangarei Boys’ High School is proud to publicly acknowledge and congratulate the following students, and thank its quality teaching staff who contributed to the academic success of its high achievers in 2016.  The following boys were presented with their Academic Colours at a special assembly on Wednesday 16 February.

Students who received Level 1 Academic Colours for NCEA 2016 results

Level 1 Academic Colours for NCEA Level 1

Charlie Bacon, Finn Diamond, Conor du Preez, Walton Edwards, Roman Eggleton,

Reuben Gregory, Haimona Haenga, Ben Harrison, Chase Hauraki, Campbell Jones,

Isaiah Kaiawe, Julius Kuraia, Oliver Murphy, Campbell Nicholas, Pruthvik Patel, Izaiah Silipa, Shade Taylor, Aiden Wilson

Level 1 Academic Colours for NCEA Level 2 with an Endorsement of Excellence

Jefferson Ballesteros, Harry Clayton, Jacob Hayes, Bryn Heatley, Connor Howett,

Lachlan Kennedy, Quade Molloy, Kieran Ruffell, Eric Towgood, Ben Trigg

Students who received Level 2 Academic Colours for NCEA 2016 results

Level 2 Academic Colours for NCEA Level 1

Callum Anderson, Lucas Buckley, Corto Champroux, Levi Cohen, Joshua Donaldson,

Aby George, Ben Griffin, Mika Hill, Zeff Jeeves, Isaiah Kaiawe, Julius Kuraia,Jayden Maugham, Heath Mitchell, Campbell Nicholas, Tyler Parkinson, Brendan Richardson, Kaisei Rickard,

Joe Squires, Richard Stobart, Adrian Stockdill, Marshall Stockley, Jakob Webb, Nik Vasilic

Level 2 Academic Colours for NCEA Level 2 with an Endorsement of Excellence

Regan Ding, Ollie Franklin, Michael Iwashita, Joseph Kaptein, Michael Kessell, Nathan Lewry,

Zak Manley, Zac Miller-Waugh, Chris Mills, Mercury Nisbet, Isaac Osbaldiston, Ushil Patel,

Quinn Pooley, Cole Still, Liam Thomson, Wilson Turner, Christopher Wilson, Bryn Heatley,

Ben Templeton, Kyril McCarthy


NCEA Level 3 with an Endorsement of Excellence

Chamodh Peiris, Flynn Hill, Joshua Donker, John Ma, Daniel McInnes, Christopher Pidgeon, Mitchell Phillips, Jungwon Choi, Nicholas Foulkes, Julian Fowler, Callum Hill, Jeremy Towers, Steven Lang, Bill Hamilton, Brady Woolston, Daniel Davis, Shivam Khambete


We are also very proud of our Scholarship winners and their teachers:


Daniel Davis                  Calculus                                   (Mr Rufus-Ellis)
Nicholas Foulkes           English (Outstanding)               (Mrs Williamson)
–                                    Economics                               (Mr Blogg)
Callum Hill                     Chemistry                                (Mr Khambete)
–                                    Physics                                    (Mr Kumar)
Joseph Kaptein              Music                                      (Ms Hill)
Shivam Khambete         Chemistry                               (Mr Khambete)
Steven Lang                  English                                   (Mrs Morrison)
John Ma                        English                                   (Mrs Williamson)
–                                   Physics                                    (Mr Kumar)
Daniel McInnes             Biology                                   (Mrs Thornton)
Christopher Pidgeon     English                                    (Mrs Morrison)
Jeremy Towers              Geography (Outstanding)         (Dr Elliot)
–                                  Classical Studies (Outstanding)   (Mr Crawford)

Careers Road Show

Whangarei Boys’ High School will be hosting a Careers Road Show tomorrow Wednesday 29 March. This is open to all schools, parents, caregivers and students. Open from 5pm – 7pm. Careers Road show 2017…

Parent Teacher Appointment Evenings

Parent Teacher Appointment Evenings   Parent Teacher appointments will be held on Wednesday 22 March from 2pm – 6pm and again on Thursday 23 March from 4pm – 8pm. Please log on to the link  Use the event code …


Please note the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will be held in the WBHS staffroom on Wednesday 15 March at 7pm. Wine and nibbles will be provided and they would love to see you there.…