Whangarei Boys High School

Whangarei Boys High School

Regulations & Procedures

Our systems are based on our belief that:

  • Every student has the right to learn without disruption and
  • Every teacher has both the right and the responsibility to teach without disruption. This is a cornerstone of our safe school policy.

In order to ensure that students can learn and the teachers can teach as they should, the following rules apply to all students at all times.

1. Students will respect people, possessions and property.

2. Students will be on time, in appropriate dress and with all the required equipment.

3. Students will follow instructions promptly and will stay on task.

4. Students will observe school bounds.

ABSENCES FROM SCHOOL   If a student is going to be away for more than one day, a telephone call to the Student Centre is appreciated. On his return to school the student must produce a written note to be handed in at the Student Centre.  During an extended absence, work can be requested by contacting the Whanau Group Teacher. NB: Boys may not be absent before or following holidays for the purpose of extending long weekends or vacation periods.

ARRIVING LATE TO SCHOOL   Any boy who arrives late will not be permitted to enter class without a late pass obtained from the Student Centre. A reasonable reason for his lateness is required.

BICYCLES   Cyclists must obey all road rules. Doubling and riding two abreast are not allowed. The riding of bikes in the school grounds is not permitted. Bikes must be left in the bike compound and should be padlocked. Students are not allowed in this area unless they are depositing or retrieving their bike.

BUSES   Boys travelling on school buses must have a current bus pass issued by Ms Ross. All bus rules must be obeyed. These rules are available from Ms Ross. General Reminders – No luggage is to be carried on the school bus other than your school bag. Friends are not allowed to travel home with a student on the bus.

CANTEEN   The canteen is open before school and at 11.00am and 1.30pm. Lunch orders may be placed and paid for before between 8.30-8.45am or at morning break, then collected at lunchtime. The canteen stocks a wide range of healthy choice foods and drinks and has recently received a “Gold Heartbeat Award” for the quality of goods available.

DAY PASSES   If a student has to leave the school during the day, he should have written proof of his appointment, or a letter of explanation and he must obtain a pass out from the Student Centre. Passes are issued before school and at morning break. He must sign in at the Student Centre when he returns. All Year 13 students are expected to attend school in a full-time capacity which includes attending whanau time and assemblies. They are not permitted to leave the school grounds – with the exception being: Year 13 Prefects – who are permitted to leave at lunch time BUT only when they have a study in period 5, and then, only if they do not have a prior lunchtime or after school commitment at school. At all other times, prefects must be on the school grounds. Prefects are expected to attend whanau times and assemblies. Failure to comply with these expectations could result in the de-badging process being invoked.

DISABILITIES AND ALLERGIES   The school needs to be notified if a student has some permanent disability or allergy or where urgent attention may be required. Required medication should be held in “Te Awatea”.

LEAVING PROCEDURES AND TESTIMONIALS   If you are leaving Whangarei Boys’ High School, clearance forms are available from your Year Level Dean. These instructions must be complied with, before you can obtain your testimonial or any certificates. All Year 13 testimonials are compiled together at the end of the year under the coordination of the Year 13 Dean.

LIBRARY The Library is open from 9am to 3.25pm. Books are issued for a maximum of three weeks. A student may not have more than three books on loan at any time.

LOST PROPERTY   If belongings are misplaced during a school day check with the Student Centre and/or your Whanau Group Teacher. All belongings must be clearly marked with your name.

MUSIC   Tuition is available for a number of musical instruments. Specialist music teachers are employed by the school. Individual or small group lessons of one hour duration take place during the school day. Loan instruments are available. Permission to attend music lessons is granted by Ms Hill. Any student who fails to attend their lessons will not be allowed to continue. If you are interested and wish to be involved in any musical activity see the Music teacher – Ms Hill.

OUT OF BOUNDS AREAS   Before school, at morning break and lunch times, boys must not be in the school buildings unless they carry a pass from a teacher. Behind the main school blocks; the Science and Technology quads, School Lane; behind the hall and staff car parks are all out of bounds. Painted yellow lines clearly identify these out of bounds areas. On the lower fields boys must not go past the white posts nor congregate under the trees either by the drain or the weir. Carruth House is out of bounds to all day boys at all times.

SICKNESS   If a boy is sick during the day, he reports to “Te Awatea”. Parents are then contacted to collect him. It is important that we have on record an up to date telephone contact for each family. The school needs to be advised of any change of contact number. Panadol will only be issued to a student if a parental consent letter has been received by the office, or when this information is marked on the enrolment form.

SKATEBOARDS AND SCOOTERS   Skateboards and scooters are not allowed at school as they cause too much damage to the property.

UNIFORM (see Uniform page)   Boys who attend WBHS are expected to wear their uniform correctly and with pride at all times – whilst at school, to and from school and when representing the school.

VEHICLES AT SCHOOL   Permission may be given for cars and motorcycles to be brought to school by Year 13 students. The application form can be obtained from the Assistant Principal (Dr Elliot) and must be signed by parents/guardians and returned to Dr Elliot. Joy riding is absolutely forbidden. No passengers may be carried, unless express permission has been granted by Dr Elliot. The school reserves the right to withdraw permission to bring a vehicle. No vehicles are to be parked in School Lane. Vehicles are to be parked in Kent Road.

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