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Whangarei Boys High School


Boys who attend WBHS are expected to wear their uniform correctly and with pride at all times – whilst at school, to and from school and when representing the school.

If you are not purchasing items of uniform from a school approved uniform supplier (Bethells, Northland School Wear or The Warehouse), please contact the school to have the uniform item approved. The PTA sells second hand uniform items which have been donated to Whangarei Boys’ High School. To find out more about purchasing or donating, visit the PTA page (School Community)

Uniform for students in years 9 – 11:

Hat: The only hats permitted will be the school cap and the school bucket hat. Cap peaks must be worn forward. Hats off indoors. Shirt: Regulation blue “polo” shirt with school monogram. Shirts may be out with short pants but must be tucked in when wearing a jersey/sweatshirt. Trousers: Grey school shorts – plain with zip fly and side tabs (NOT elasticised waist) – waistband must be above hips, hem must be above knee. Oversized shorts/trousers are unacceptable.

Years 12 & 13 only:

Long, light grey dress trousers (NOT denim, corduroy or cargoes), with black/grey belt. No cuffs, waistband must be above hips, hem above shoes. (Shirts must be tucked in if long trousers are worn.) Socks: With shorts, grey socks with school colours must be worn to just below the knee. If students do not wish to wear socks pulled up, they have an alternative in sandals (see below). Jersey: Regulation navy blue jersey as manufactured for the school (school colours around neck and school monogram on left side of chest). Sweatshirt: Regulation black as manufactured for the school with monogram on left side of chest. Jacket: Boys may wear the school’s black and gold jacket or the black weatherproof, lined anorak with a fold away hood.  For Year 9 students this jacket will be the only option for rain/weather protection.  Students in Y10-Y13 may choose to purchase this jacket, or if they already have a plain black raincoat they may continue to use it.  This jacket will be progressively phased in so that by 2020, the new jacket will be the only option as a raincoat.  No other coloured raincoats will be permitted.  Sports codes offering jackets for their teams will be expected to use this jacket.  P.E: Boys should wear plain black football-type shorts with whanau-coloured T-shirt or singlet. Footwear: Plain black leather laceup shoes that can be polished OR sandals, black or brown (not jandals) to be worn with strap over the heel. Sandals may be worn only with shorts. The term “plain” means NO coloured labels, soles or, in the case of sandals, no colour patterns on the straps. No ‘booties’ – shoes only. Jewelry: The only jewelry permitted is a watch or Medic-alert bracelet. No make-up, facial tattoos or other visible tattoo etc permitted. No nail polish. No sunglasses. Hair: Students must be clean and tidy at all times. Only naturally coloured hair is permitted.  Long hair must be tied back.  A clean, shaven face is preferred at all times.  Garments worn as undergarments: Only plain white singlets or T-shirts may be worn. They must not hang down below the school shirt either at waist or sleeves.

Dress uniform: Referred to as Number Ones. Consists of: Plain white long-sleeve shirt, light grey long trousers (not denim or corduroy), plain black leather lace-up shoes that can be polished, Whangarei Boys’ High School blazer and a Whangarei Boys’ High School tie. (Blazers available from Northland School Wear, Kamo; and Bethells.)  Number Ones cannot be worn with the school sweatshirt or jacket. Prefects and Year 13 Senior Leaders must wear dress uniform.  In terms 1 and 4, Prefects and Year 13 Senior Leaders and other Y13 students may wear open neck short sleeve white shirts.

All students

No gang affiliated paraphernalia or symbols are permitted in school.

[Updated 24.2.16]

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