Whangarei Boys High School

Whangarei Boys High School

Upcoming Events



Events that are happening in the school calendar over the coming weeks.


1.    On Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June we have consecutive teacher only days with all staff attending  Restorative Practice sessions with Margaret Thorsborne who is the Managing Director of Margaret Thorsborne & Associates & Thorsborne and Associates UK. She is committed to improving the way people relate to each other in their workplaces & other communities by providing processes that allow often deeply negative feelings to be gradually transformed into cooperation. As relationships are restored, job satisfaction, morale & productivity improve.

The school will not be open for instruction on these days.

2.    As well as the Teacher Only day on Thursday 31 May, on the same day we also have the annual “Work Day”. For those of you new to the school, we have asked our students from Year 9 to Year 13 to seek workday employment for the day, as an opportunity for the students to fundraise for their Student Council. All students are expected to be involved.

The minimum target to be raised on the day is $20 for Juniors and $25 for Seniors. Students who reach or exceed this target will enter a draw for a prize.


3.    PPTA Paid Union Meeting – early closure

Please be advised that school will be finishing at the earlier time of 12.30pm on Wednesday 6 June to enable those staff who are PPTA members to attend a paid union meeting.

While the school will not be closed it cannot operate normally during this time, so boys will be able to go home from 12.30pm, with P1, 2 and 3 classes running as normal.

Bus boys, and those boys who need to stay at school, will be supervised in the library.  (Buses will run at the normal time).

4.    On Thursday 7 June, Carruth Hostel have their Open Evening. We will be publicising this in the local newspapers and across Northland.